Jazz Improvisation Classes with Frank

Are you musician and ask yourself these questions?

Where to start studying jazz improvisation?

Don’t know what to study next?

Playing always the same stuff?

Not inspired improvising?

Bad time feel?

Lost in your studies?

All keys?

Afraid of playing fast tempos?

Intent on passing along his hard-earned knowledge, Frank Herzberg has offered a São Paulo-based jazz improvisation class for more than two decades.  Designed for both professional musicians and educators, his methods use history and repetition as the cornerstones of understanding and development.

History and Repetition.​


In seeking out a broad design for a systematic method of study that could also leverage his own lessons with sage figures such as Charlie Banacos, Hal Crook, Bruce Gertz, and Ed Tomassi, Herzberg encountered a jazz “family tree” poster depicting the music’s development.  That roots-and-branches sighting would come to form the basis of his educational philosophy, ultimately leading him to fashion an evolutionary approach to teaching.    

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg
Frank Herzberg Jazz Improvisation workshop

Noting that blues, swing, bebop, cool, hard bop, and fusion ideals all rest next to one another (and occasionally overlap) on an arc through space and time, Herzberg began to explore the relationship between them while also pondering process. 

As questions emerged about varied topics—the improvisational language of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet; the shift in style during the swing era; contributions from game-changers like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis—so too did answers. 

Organizing his teaching around five basic concepts

(i.e. Coltrane changes and inside-outside ideals)

Herzberg found a way to tie everything together by following historical developments, ultimately giving his students incredibly thorough and meaningful instruction.


This historically-validated model serves as the foundation for Herzberg’s successes as teacher, but a firm emphasis on repetition is what drives it all home.

Inspired by the Japanese Kumon method, Herzberg helps students make the mind-body connection and develop technique, muscle memory, and understanding, ultimately enabling the player to free himself/herself from numbers/notes/fingering, which allows for concentration on creative ideas, listening to fellow musicians, and responding in spontaneous ways.

With core concepts carrying through all keys, tempos, chord changes, and forms of phrasing, students come away with both a well-rounded education and the means to continually develop.

Charlie Banacos Lesson

Frank's Jazz improvisation ONLINE COURSE

While face-to-face exchange provides innumerable benefits, the merits of distance learning have also long been validated. Frank Herzberg saw this first hand in the pre-internet era, when he continued to study with Charlie Banacos (after leaving Berklee) by method of sending tapes back and forth. Today, with technology serving as a better bridge, Herzberg is able to share his insightfulness with students both near and far. 

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg
Charlie Banacos Tape lessons
Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg
This is a website of Frank's online course. The students will record videos and fill the branches with completed exercises.

Frank has received many requests to offer his course online from students who do not live close enough to take lessons in person. 

In 2008 Frank started to offer a video course that was delivered through e-mail and inspired in Charlie’s tape lessons. 

With the dawn of online learning platforms he has put all his experience into the “FRANK HERZBERG – JAZZ IMPROVISATION” course. 

Divided into 5 Modules the intermediate to advanced musicians with an internet connection can dive into the same exercises that Frank uses when he sees students in his own studio.  

Inspired by the Jazz “family tree” poster Frank organised all exercises in:

• Module 1 – BLUES

• Module 2 – SWING

• Module 3 – BEBOP

• Module 4 – COOL/MODAL

• Module 5 – HARD BOP

All exercises are recorded in video! 

And the best news:

For all instruments!

For more information and to sign up go to:

And for a sneak peek at some of the featured exercise videos, please see the next section of this page.

Jazz improvisation Videos

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg

Frank Herzberg's Youtube channel

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg

double chromatic approach ala Charlie Banacos

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg

One more tip to play fast songs: Cherokee

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - baritone sax solo

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


for more videos go to Frank's channel


Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg

Osmar Barutti - pianist

… Every week I come and stay for one or two hours, and we play and I get exercises to study for the next week …

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg

John Berman - saxophone, clarinet

… You know, he just has a great method of teaching and it’s been very, very useful for me in my playing …

Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg

Bruno Borges - pianist

… I hope that we can have soon access to this content again, because it’s really worth it …


For more information about acquiring Herzberg’s services, please reach out to:

Stay in Touch with Frank Herzberg

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Andre Juarez - AZUL - 2020

1 –Choro Azul” – André Juarez; 
piano – Hildebrando Brasil;
baixo – Frank Herzberg; 
bateria – Ricardo Mosca;
vibrafone – André Juarez

2 – “Minha Mobylette Azul” – André Juarez
piano – Elizabeth Rangel Pinheiro (minha mãe); 
baixo – Cassiano Nogara;

bateria – Aldo Alibertti; 
violino 1 – Felipe de Souza – (meu irmão);

violino 2 – Benito Juarez – (meu pai);
vibrafone – André Juarez
3 – “Fiz Mas Não Sei Tocar” – Rodrigo Bráz Santos
piano – Salomão Soares;
baixo – Frank Herzberg;
bateria – Rodrigo Digão Braz Santos;
marimba – André Juarez
4 – “Midnight Blues” – Hildebrando Brasil
piano – Hildebrando Brasil;
baixo – Frank Herzberg; 
bateria – Ricardo Mosca;
vibrafone – André Juarez

5 – “Lamento Sertanejo”/ “Cantiga de Amigo 
Gilberto Gil e Dominguinhos/Elomar 
baixo – Frank Herzberg; 

vibrafone – André Juarez
6 – “Bag´s” – André Christóvam
piano – Michel Freidenson;
baixo – Frank Herzberg; 
bateria – Lael Medina;

vibrafone – André Juarez
7 – “A Bossa Azul” – André Juarez
piano – Giba Estebez;
baixo – Gê Ge Cortes;
bateria – Fernando Moura;
vibrafone e marimba – André Juarez; 
vozes – Coral Azul 
8 – “Blues” – Ney Rosauro

vibrafone – André Juarez
9 – “Blues for Nego” – André Juarez
piano – Hildebrando Brasil; baixo – Frank Herzberg; 
bateria – Ricardo Mosca; vibrafone – André Juarez

10 – “Azul” – André Juarez
piano – Ai Yazaki;
baixo – Frank Herzberg;
vibrafone – André Juarez

Direção artística e produção – André Juarez 
Produção executiva – Sérgio Mendonça/Pôr do Som 
Gravação, mixagem e masterização – Frank Herzberg 
Designer gráfico – Andrex Almeida 
Apoio – Silvo Gustin

John Stein Watershed


1. Rio Escuro
2. Kobe
3. Taste of Honey
4. Brazilian hug
5. Mystified
6. Wally
7. The Kicker
8. Waltz New
9. Cisco
10. Dreamsville
11. Charlotte
12. The Hang

John Stein, guitar; Daniel Grajew, piano & keyboards; Teco Cardoso, flute & saxophone; Frank Herzberg, acoustic bass; Zé Eduardo Nazario, drums.

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    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1. Abertura Dramática Alexandre Travassos
    2. Harpia
    3. Rapsodia Latina
    4. Suite Tropical – Abertura
    5. Suite Tropical – Romaria
    6. Suite Tropical – Crepúsculo
    7. Suite Tropical – Cantoria

    Daniel Havens, Erica Hindrikson – conductor

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1. Happy Hour
    2. Lonely Street
    3. Night Has a Thousand Eyes
    4. It’s About Life
    5. Marta
    6. I’m A Fool to Want You
    7. Blues in Maude’s Flat
    8. Sometime Ago
    9. Inutil Paisagem

    John Stein – guitar
    Frank Herzberg – bass
    Zé Eduardo Nazario – drums
    Alexandre Zamith – piano
    Boca – trombone
    Teco Cardoso – flutes
    Pedro Ito – perc.

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.   Frank No Maracatú
    2.   Disparada
    3.   Luz Do Sol
    4.   Apanhei-Te Cavaquinho
    5.   Trenzinho Caipira
    6.   Berimbau / Consolação
    7.   Máscara Negra
    8.   Expresso 2222
    9.   Minha Namorada
    10. Pra Que Discutir Com Madame

    Andre Juarez – vibraphone
    Don Beto – guitar
    Marta Karassawa – piano
    Zé Eduardo Nazario – drums
    Jair Rodriguez – voz
    Pepe Cisneros – piano
    Edwin Pitre – electric bass
    Enid di Bonito perc.
    Eric Chica – perc.
    Renato Chica – perc.
    Ricardo Pacheco – piano
    Camilo Carrara – cavaquinho
    Euclides Marques – 7string guitar
    Giba Esteves – piano 
    Minho Nascimento – berimbau
    Andreas Marker – steel drums
    Daniel Mattos – piano
    Felipe de Souza – violino
    Benito Juarez – violino
    Nadir Tanus – cello
    Osvaldinho do acordeon – accordion
    Marcio Forte – cuica
    Hildebrando Brasil – piano
    Mestre Romildo e bateria
    da escola de samba Rosas de Ouro
    Frank Herzberg – bass, recording/mix/master



    Fantasia Em Três Movimentos Em Forma De Choros (Villa-Lobos)
    1. Andante Quase Adagio
    2. Allegreto-Scherzando
    3. Fantasia-Molto Allegro
    4. Canto De Taieiras (Marcos Mesquita)
    5. Guararavacã (Paulo Von Zuben)
    6. Chacona Amazônica, Opus86 (Marlos Nobre)

    As Quatro Estações De Hermeto (Miguel Briamonte)
    7. Outono
    8. Inverno
    9. Primavera
    10. Verão

    Abel Rocha – conductor

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.   Suite Oriental
    2.   Karsilamas
    3.   Ma Fakut Mu Ma Fromuse
    4.   Savarios
    5.   Arpa Bugday Daneler
    6.   Milti Mitlac
    7.   Sale
    8.   Dos Estellas
    9.   Ballu Lestru
    10. La Rama
    11. Luna
    12. Calypso
    13. Lamma Bada

     SELO SESC 2005

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.   Mandu-Çarara
    2.   Fantasia de Wagner Tiso Sobre Choros 10 de Villa-Lobos
    3.   Suite Guanabara: I. Dobrado
    4.   Suite Guanabara: II. Modinha
    5.   Suite Guanabara: III. Valsa
    6.   Suite Guanabara: IV. Invocação
    7.   Suite Guanabara: V. Marcha de Rancho
    8.   Adios Nonino
    9.   Cervantinas: I. Elegia A Don Quijote
    10. Cervantinas: II. Cancion Sin Palabras a Dulcinea
    11. Cervantinas: III. Rondó A Sancho Panza
    12. Sinfonia para Instrumentos de Sopros Nº 1

    Abel Rocha – conductor

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1. Colegas
    2. Espírito
    3. Mais Um Dia
    4. Don’t Talk Crazy
    5. Blues Do Zé
    6. Luiz Chaves
    7. Repentista Blues

    Fabio Bizarria – saxophone, flute
    Bocato – trombone
    Alexandre Zamith – piano
    Guilherme Franco – perc.
    Décio Gioielli – kalimba
    Frank Herzberg – bass, recording/mix/master

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1. Momento Presente
    2. Nas Ondas de Juqueí
    3. Why Not?
    4. Marina
    5. Um Novo Samba
    6. Olinda Rosa
    7. Dia Cheio

    Hildebrando Brasil – piano
    George Arnaldo – drums

    Renato Farias – bass flugelhorn
    Frank Herzberg – bass, recording/mix/master

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.   Um a Zero
    2.   Assanhado Featuring Mane Silveira
    3.   Brasileirinho
    4.   Pedacinhos do Céu
    5.   André do Sapato Novo
    6.   Rapaziada do Braz
    7.   André no Frevo
    8.   Vida em Sonho
    9.   Salve, Copinha Featuring Teco Cardoso
    10. Gato Preto Featuring Nailor Proveta
    11. Segura Ele Featuring Bocato
    12. Rapaziada do Braz [Versão 2]
    13. Sobre as Ondas

    Andre Juarez – vibraphone
    Euclides Marques – guitar
    Henrique Araújo – cavaquinho
    Léo Rodrigues – pandeiro
    Mane Silveira – saxophone
    Tiago Pinheiro – voz
    E. Villani Côrtes – piano
    Teco Cardoso – flute
    Nailor Proveta – clarinet
    Boca – trombone
    Frank Herzberg – bass, recording, mix/master

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1. Don’t Talk Crazy
    2. A Xepa
    3. Mil Saudades
    4. Lorca
    5. Too Much, Charlie
    6. The Drums (Suite For Jazz Trio)
    7. The Bass
    8. The Piano
    9. The Trio

    Frank Herzberg – bass, recording/mix/master
    Zé Eduardo – drums
    Alexandre Zamith – piano. keys

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.   Disparada Featuring Jair Rodrigues
    2.   Frank no Maracatu
    3.   Expresso 2222 Featuring Osvaldinho do Acordeon
    4.   Máscara Negra Featuring Benito Juarez
    5.   Um a Zero
    6.   Assanhado
    7.   Pedacinhos do Céu
    8.   Brasileirinho
    9.   Linguagem do Alunte
    10. Amor
    11. Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
    12. Fé Cega, Faca Amolada

    Andre Juarez – vibraphone
    Ai Yazaki – piano
    Frank Herzberg – bass, recording/mix/master
    George Arnaldo – drums
    Euclides Marques – guitar

    Henrique Araújo – cavaquinho
    Léo Rodrigues – pandeiro
    Jerome Charlemagne – saxophone
    Mr Norgeira – electric bass

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.   Sweet Georgia Brown
    2.   Tin Roof Blues
    3.   Ain´t Misbehavin
    4.   Bluesette
    5.   Out of Nowhere
    6.   I´ve Never Been in Love Before
    7.   Love You Madly
    8.   Moonglow
    9.   Make Me a Pallet On the Floor
    10. Just Friends
    11. Memories of You
    12. Rose Room
    13. Pistão, Tambor & Cowbells (Improviso) 14. Blues for Nêgo
    15. Costa´s Blues
    16. The Drum Moment (Solo)

    Tito Martino – clarinet
    Hector Costita – clarinet, saxophone
    Andre Busic – trumpet, voz
    Carlos Lima – trumpet, trombone
    Andre Juarez – vibraphone
    Ari Giorgi – piano
    Luchin Montoya – piano
    Adriano de Carvalho – guitar
    Ciddy Junior – guitar
    Zé Weber – baixo
    Zeca Araújo – bass
    Frank Herzberg – recording/mix/master

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.   Le Petit Funk
    2.   Fé Cega, Faca Amolada
    3.   Amor
    4.   Sete Pulos
    5.   Linguagem do Alunte
    6.   Tudo que você podia ser
    7.   Aprendendo a jogar
    8.   Bourbon Street Funk
    9.   Na Veranda
    10. Acid
    11. Malacaxeta
    12. A Maçã

    Andre Juarez – vibraphone
    Jerome Charlemagne – saxophones
    Luis Fernando Rovai – guitar
    Mr. Nogara – electric bass
    George Arnaldo – drums
    Mano Bap – voz
    Jairzinho – voz
    CoralUSP (Coral azul) 
    Hildebrando Brasil – piano
    Ivan Noda – guitar
    Rainer Pappon – guitar
    Maninho Mendonça – Tres
    Daniel Alcantara – trumpet
    Frank Herzberg – bass
    Eron Guarnieri – keys
    Cairo Marcondes – perc.
    recording, mix & master Frank Herzberg

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1. Festival Overture
    2. Danças do Autômato – Alexandre Travassos
    3. Maxixe Urbano
    4. Frevo Rasgado
    5. Gonzagueana
    6. Suite Carmem Miranda
    7. Jubileu de Prata

    Marcos Sadão Shirakawa – conductor

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    CD 1
    1.   Canção Praieira
    2.   Novos Cariocas – Anat’s Song
    3.   A La Vuelta (Doorway And Stairs)
    4.   Brasileirão
    5.   Flying Waltz
    6.   Altinho
    7.   Vida Nova
    8.   Pilotos
    9.   Opa!
    10. Ânima 2
    11. Palinha Do Vinho
    1. Brahms
    2. Porta Aflora
    3. A Velha Sozinha
    4. Tango
    5. Samba Da Mistura
    6. Nosso Borogodó Coió

    Hermeto Pascoal – piano
    Don Sebesky – arrangment
    Hubert Laws – flute
    Anat Cohen – saxophone
    Raul de Souza – trombone
    Hugo Fatturoso – keys, piano
    Aline Morena – voz
    Ithamara Koorax – voz
    Mike Mainieri – vibes
    Rodrigo Lima – guitar, voz
    Frank Herzberg – bass
    Zé Eduardo Nazario – drums
    Jamil Joanes – electric bass
    Laudir de Oliveira – perc.
    Itiberê Zwarg  – bass, cello
    Arnaldo DeSoutero – producer

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    Violin Partita Nº 2 in D minor
    BWV 1004
    1. Allemande
    2. Courante
    3. Sarabande
    4. Gigue
    5. Chaconne
    Andre Juarez – vibraphone
    15 Symphonies (Three Part Inventions)
    BWV 787-801
    6.   Invention No. 1 in C major, BWV 772
    7.   Invention No. 2 in C minor, BWV 773
    8.   Invention No. 3 in D major, BWV 774
    9.   Invention No. 4 in D minor, BWV 775
    10. Invention No. 5 in E flat major, BWV 776
    11. Invention No. 6 in E major, BWV 777
    12. Invention No. 7 in E minor, BWV 778
    13. Invention No. 8 in F major, BWV 779
    14. Invention No. 9 in F minor, BWV 780
    15. Invention No. 10 in G major, BWV 781
    16. Invention No. 11 in G minor, BWV 782
    17. Invention No. 12 in A major, BWV 783
    18. Invention No. 13 in A minor, BWV 784
    19. Invention No. 14 in B flat major, BWV 785
    20. Invention No. 15 in B minor, BWV 786
    Andre Juarez – marimba
    Leonardo Cordeiro – vibraphone
    Davi Martinelli de Lira – vibraphone
    recording, mix & master Frank Herzberg

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.  [B(2)/10-O.75-K.78]-P(2)-[O(4)/8-O.75-K77]
    2.   Sangue De Negro
    3.   Marcha Sobre A Cidade
    4.   A Porta Do “Sem Nexo”
    5.   Dala
    6.   54754-P(4)-D(3)-0
    7.   Fragmentum
    8.   Mobile/Stabile
    9.   Sonhos Esquecido
    10. Velho Mundo Novo

    Lelo Nazario – keys, electronics
    Zé Eduardo Nazario – drums, perc.
    Mauro Senise – saxophones, flutes

    Frank Herzberg – bass
    Felix Wagner – bass clarinet, keys

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.  Melodia sentimental
    2.  Mozart no tom
    3.  Clair de lune/Gymnopedie
    4.  Xote do Mozart
    5.  Pô, Elise!
    6.  Elas são rápidas!
    7.  Insensatez
    8.  Summertime
    9.  O cozinheiro de Salvador
    10. Adagietto da sinfonia nº5
    11. Eine kleine Nachtsamba
    12. Céu de Santo Amaro
    13. Valsa do Shosta
    14. Medley Vila Lobos
    15. Baião de 4 toques

    Claudio Goldman – voz, piano
    Gabriel Goldman – clarinet
    Frank Herzberg – bass, recording/mix/master
    Décio Geoielli – perc.
    Gabriel Levy – accordeon
    Euclides Marques – guitar
    Ramiro Marques – saxophone
    Joenir Fiori – accordeon
    Camilo Carrara – guitar, cavaquinho
    Gabriella Machado – flute
    Renato Correa – flute
    John Berman – clarinet
    Douglas Gomes – violin

    Marta Karassawa – piano, arrangement

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.  O sapo não lava pé
    2.  Twinkle, twinkle little star
    3.  Debajo de un botón
    4.  Borboletinha
    5.  Pombinha branca
    6.  La vaca lechera
    7.  Cai, cai balão
    8.  A canoa virou
    9.  The weals on the bus
    10. Motorista
    11. El payaso
    12. Alecrim dourado
    13. O cravo e a rosa
    14. Pai Francisco
    15. Marcha soldado
    16. O Alface já nasceu

    Luisa Karassawa Herzberg   
    Clara Karassawa Herzberg     
    Marta Karassawa      
    Frank Herzberg                     
    Decio Geoelli                      
    Stefan Karassawa Herzberg 

    17. Carangueijo
    18. Coelinho
    19. Pirulito
    20. Head, shoulders, knees 
    21. Indiozinhos
    22. Bota aqui seu pezinho 
    23. Yummy, yummy 
    24. De abóbora faz melão
    25. Meu pintinho
    26. Mariana
    27. Boneco de lata
    28. Trem de ferro
    29. My red balloon
    30. Peixe vivo
    31. Nesta rua
    32. A barata

    voz, violin
    voz, piano
    voz, bass, recording/mix/master
    perc., glockenspiel
    graphic art

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1. Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?
    2. Lavender’s Blue
    3. Little Poll Parrot
    4. Humpty Dumpty
    5. Ten Little Dinosaurs
    6. Baa Baa Black Sheep
    7. Twenty Bottles of Milk

    Luisa K. Herzberg – voz, violin
    Clara K. Herzberg – voz, piano
    Cindy Borgani – voz
    Marta Karassawa – piano
    Frank Herzberg – bass, perc, voz
    Stefan K. Herzberg – graphic art

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    Sonata for Solo Violin Nº 2 in A minor
    BWV 1003
    1. Grave
    2. Fuga
    3. Andante
    4. Allegro
    Andre Juarez – vibraphone
    15 Two – part Inventions
    BWV 772-786
    5.  Invention No. 1 in C major, BWV 772
    6.  Invention No. 2 in C minor, BWV 773
    7.  Invention No. 3 in D major, BWV 774
    8.  Invention No. 4 in D minor, BWV 775
    9.  Invention No. 5 in E flat major, BWV 776
    10. Invention No. 6 in E major, BWV 777
    11. Invention No. 7 in E minor, BWV 778
    12. Invention No. 8 in F major, BWV 779
    13. Invention No. 9 in F minor, BWV 780
    14. Invention No. 10 in G major, BWV 781
    15. Invention No. 11 in G minor, BWV 782
    16. Invention No. 12 in A major, BWV 783
    17. Invention No. 13 in A minor, BWV 784
    18. Invention No. 14 in B flat major, BWV 785
    19. Invention No. 15 in B minor, BWV 786
    Andre Juarez – marimba
    Leonardo Cordeiro – vibraphone
    recording, mix & master Frank Herzberg

    Teaching the next generations - Jazz Improvisation Frank Herzberg


    1.   Blow the tune – L. Thomas
    2.   Pretty Girl – J.U. Andrees
    3.   Take the A-Train – D. Ellington
    4.   Take Five – P. Desmond
    5.   Hip Hop – L. Thomas
    6.   More than you know – V. Yuma’s
    7.   Ry Cooder – L. Thomas
    8.   Samba for an Angel – L. Thomas
    9.   Mach mich los – L.Thomas
    10. Harlem Nocturne – E. Hagen
    11. Locomotion – L. Thomas
    12. Nightwalk – P. Schenderlein
    13. Serenade – L. Thomas
    14. New Zealand – L. Thomas

    Tina Tandler – alto, soprano, voz
    Lexa Thomas – bass, programing, voz
    Peter Schenderlein – Piano, keys
    Max Vonthien – drums, perc, voz
    Frank Herzberg – bass (4 and 6)
    Juwe Andrees – keys (2)